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Crafting Effective Video Ads for LinkedIn🎥

In the modern landscape of digital marketing, video has risen to the forefront as a dynamic and engaging medium. When it comes to professional networking and business growth, LinkedIn stands as a platform of choice for connecting with like-minded professionals and potential clients. Crafting a compelling video ad for LinkedIn requires a unique approach that resonates with a business-oriented audience. In this guide, we'll discuss the art of creating an impactful video ad that captures attention, communicates effectively, and drives desired actions on the LinkedIn platform.

Understanding the LinkedIn Audience 👥

Before diving into the specifics of creating a video ad for LinkedIn, it's crucial to understand the platform's audience. LinkedIn is predominantly used by professionals, businesses, and job seekers. The users come to the platform for networking, industry insights, and career advancement. Therefore, your video ad should be tailored to resonate with this business-minded audience.

1. Define Your Objective 🎯

Every successful video ad begins with a clear objective. Are you looking to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, generate leads, or showcase a new product/service? Defining your goal will guide your content creation and ensure that your video ad is aligned with your broader marketing strategy.

2. Craft a Compelling Story 📜

a. Start Strong: Within the first few seconds, your video should capture attention and communicate the value proposition. Using visually engaging imagery and a compelling hook to intrigue viewers is crucial because if you don't capture it, the rest of the video doesn't matter. They'll scroll down the page.

b. Address Pain Points: Once you have them hooked into the video, they need to relate to what you are saying to stay engaged. LinkedIn users are seeking solutions to their professional challenges. Highlight how your product or service addresses pain points and improves their business lives.

c. Showcase Benefits: Emphasize the benefits of your offering. Whether it's time-saving, cost reduction, or increased efficiency, clearly communicate what users stand to gain. The customer should be the hero of the story, not your business. You are the supporting character to help them be the hero, so these benefits should be framed to encourage their success.

d. Highlight Success Stories: Incorporate real-life success stories or testimonials to build credibility and demonstrate the positive impact of your offering.

3. Keep it Concise 🕓

LinkedIn users are busy professionals, so your video ad should be concise and to the point. Aim for a length of 15 to 45 seconds, depending on the content being advertised. Anything over 45 seconds is fairly lengthy and shouldn't be used as a LinkedIn advertisement. Every second should count, delivering valuable information without overwhelming viewers.

4. Visual and Audio Elements 🔊

a. High-Quality Production: Invest in professional-grade video production to convey a sense of professionalism and quality. Blurry visuals or poor sound can deter viewers from continuing to watch the advertisement.

b. Clear Branding: Incorporate your brand's logo, colors, and visual identity to maintain consistency and help viewers associate the ad with your business.

c. Captions: Many users watch videos on LinkedIn with the sound off. Including captions ensures that your message is still understood even when audio isn't playing.

d. Background Music: Subtle background music can enhance the mood of your video ad. Choose music that aligns with your brand and doesn't overpower the dialogue. It's meant to be supplemental.

5. Engaging Call to Action (CTA) 📢

A video ad without a clear call to action is a missed opportunity. Encourage viewers to take a specific action, whether it's visiting your website, signing up for a newsletter, requesting more information, etc. Make the CTA stand out visually and align it with the video's message.

6. A/B Testing 🔄

Before launching your video ad campaign, consider creating multiple versions with slight variations. A/B testing can help you identify which elements (such as visuals, messaging, or CTAs) resonate most effectively with your target audience.

7. LinkedIn Video Ad Specifications📺

Ensure your video ad meets LinkedIn's specifications for optimal performance:

Aspect Ratio: 16:9 or 1:1.

Resolution: 1080p (4k is overkill for LinkedIn ads, longer load times)

File Type: MP4

File Size: Maximum 200 MB

Video Captions: Encouraged

CTA Button: Include a clickable button for actions like "Learn More" or "Visit Website."

8. Targeting and Optimization🎯

LinkedIn offers robust targeting options to ensure your video ad reaches the right audience. You can target based on job titles, industries, company sizes, and more. Experiment with different audience segments to refine your targeting over time.

9. Monitor and Adjust🔍

Once your video ad is live, monitor its performance closely. Pay attention to metrics like click-through rates, engagement, and conversion rates. If your ad isn't performing as expected, don't hesitate to make adjustments to elements like messaging, visuals, or targeting.


Crafting a successful video ad for LinkedIn requires a deep understanding of the platform's audience, objectives, and best practices. By creating a compelling story, maintaining high production quality, incorporating engaging visuals and audio, and implementing an effective call to action, you can create video ads that resonate with LinkedIn's business-oriented users. With careful monitoring and optimization, your video ads can be a powerful tool for driving brand awareness, engagement, and conversions in the professional networking space. Contact us today to create LinkedIn advertisements that will elevate your business and set you on a path toward brand recognition and growth. Remember, at Ryan's Creatives, we don't just create visuals – we create unforgettable brand experiences and effective stories that will reach your target audience.

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